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A class action lawsuit is a powerful tool that enables groups of employees who suffered similar harms to bring a single case against an employer. Because workers can join together in this way, it allows them to pursue claims against an employer that, individually, might not justify the time and expense of litigation. Class action lawsuits can be filed based on all types of Los Angeles employment disputes, including wage and hour violations, discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation.

At the Hardin Law Group, our Los Angeles and Orange County employment class action lawyers have decades of experience working with employees, helping them recover fair compensation for their employer’s unlawful employment practices. We are intimately familiar with the state and federal rules for certifying classes as well as the underlying legal principles governing an employer’s obligations to their employees.

What Is a Class Action Lawsuit?

In the employment law context, a class action lawsuit is a case in which one or more employees bring a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group of employees, which is known as a “class.” Class action lawsuits are typically used when the claims or damages experienced by the class members are similar, and it would be impractical or inefficient for each worker to file their own individual lawsuit.

The main objectives of a class action are:

  1. Enhance efficiency by consolidating numerous similar cases into one;
  2. Ensure that plaintiffs with small individual claims can pool their resources;
  3. Create uniformity in the resolution of common issues.

In a class action, the court must certify that the case meets certain criteria. For example, there must be a sufficient number of employees with common legal or factual issues. The employees who initiate the lawsuit are known as “class representatives,” and they are legally entitled to act on behalf of the entire class. The class must also establish that the issues raised by class members and the employer’s possible defenses are similar enough to be resolved in a single case.

Any judgment or settlement reached in a class action lawsuit is binding on all class members, who may receive compensation or other relief if the lawsuit is successful. However, class members usually have the option to opt out of the class action and pursue their own individual lawsuits if that is their preference.

Common Types of Employment Class Action Lawsuits in LA and Orange County

Many types of employment lawsuits can be filed as a class action, provided an employer’s practices impacted a sufficient number of workers. Some of the most common reasons why employees pursue a class action lawsuit against an employer include:

  • Wage and hour violations;
  • Improper background checks;
  • Late payment of wages or commissions;
  • Failure to pay employees for earned vacation or personal time;
  • Unpaid overtime;
  • Failure to follow paid and unpaid sick leave laws;
  • Requiring employees to skip meal and rest breaks;
  • Failure to reimburse employees for business expenses;
  • Retaliating against workers who report unfair workplace conditions or an employer’s illegal conduct;
  • Unequal pay for the same job.

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If you believe that your employer has engaged in any unlawful employment practice that has impacted multiple employees, you may consider bringing a class action lawsuit. At Hardin Law Group, we are committed to finding justice for individuals and groups. We have seen firsthand that there is power in numbers, and we have helped countless employees recover the compensation they deserve. If you believe your rights as an employee in California have been violated, contact us today for a free and confidential consultation. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation today, call our Los Angeles employment lawyers at 310-606-2122. You can also connect with our Orange County employment attorney by calling 949-337-4810.  Calling is free, and we will not accept payment for our services unless we can recover compensation on your behalf.

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