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News & Insights

Can You Obtain Compensation for Travel Time and Security Checks from a California Employer?
Hardin Law Group

In California, certain construction employees are entitled to at least minimum wage compensation for “hours worked” under the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Order Number 16. The IWC also provides for compensation for “employer-mandated travel.” However, these definitions are not always clear-cut. For example, employees in the construction, drilling, logging, and mining industries often spend…

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What Happens When Employers Violate a California Collective Bargaining Agreement?
Hardin Law Group

Typically, a workers’ union will negotiate with an employer for a collective bargaining agreement, which specifies the terms and conditions of employment. Most agreements prohibit either the union or the employer from changing a work policy without engaging in the bargaining process. When an employer unilaterally adopts a new policy, the union may file a…

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How Do Courts Determine Attorney’s Fees in Trade Secrets Cases?
Hardin Law Group

Misappropriation of trade secrets refers to sharing a company’s confidential business information, typically with a competitor. An employer may bring a lawsuit accusing an employer of misappropriating trade secrets. Typically, an employer will seek relief that orders the employee to stop sharing trade secrets. Additionally, an employer will seek attorney’s fees for the costs it…

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Can Social Media Posts Show Workplace Harassment?
Hardin Law Group

In a claim of employment discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, the parties may submit social media posts as evidence before the court. For example, a person’s social media posts may contain direct threats against a colleague or refer to them using discriminatory language. However, if the colleague posts to their private social media account rather than…

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How Do Jury Instructions Affect the Outcome of a Case?
Hardin Law Group

When an employment dispute goes to trial, the outcome can depend in large part on jury instructions. The judge’s instructions can help the jury resolve difficult factual issues and understand key terms in California employment cases. When a judge gives erroneous or misleading jury instructions, a losing party may challenge those instructions on appeal. For…

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How Does Contract Law Affect Your Employment Law Claim?
Hardin Law Group

Occasionally, contract law can affect an employment law claim. Contract law issues can arise when an arbitration agreement governs an employment dispute. When an employer seeks to enforce an arbitration agreement, an employee may argue they did not validly agree (i.e., assent) to the contract, or that the contract itself is so unconscionable that the…

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Do Arbitration Agreements Apply to Future Employment?
Hardin Law Group

Arbitration agreements require parties to resolve a dispute through arbitration rather than filing a lawsuit. When a person begins their employment with a new employer, they often must sign an agreement to arbitrate any disputes arising from their employment. Many arbitration agreements allow the employer to choose the arbitrator, which may disadvantage the employee. Typically,…

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How Does California’s Anti-SLAPP Law Apply to Employment Disputes?
Hardin Law Group

California’s anti-SLAPP law helps to identify and dismiss frivolous lawsuits that intend to hinder a person or entity from exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of speech and petition. To defend against a burdensome lawsuit, a defendant can file an anti-SLAPP motion to dismiss the suit. An anti-SLAPP motion places the burden on the…

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California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act
Hardin Law Group

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) is a comprehensive civil rights law that protects individuals from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in employment and housing. FEHA covers a wide range of protected classes, including race, gender, disability, and sexual orientation, and applies to public and private employers, labor organizations, and employment agencies. FEHA Provides…

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What Is Bad Character Evidence in a California Employment Lawsuit?
Hardin Law Group

If an employee sues their employer for discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, the employer may attempt to cast the employee in an unfavorable light. This often takes the form of bad character evidence, which suggests the employee possesses a negative trait. Bad character evidence often has no impact on the legal claims at issue and only…

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